Systems, Subsystems & Solutions

Rotary Potentiometers

API's Rotary Potentiometer offer the best resolution and output smoothness in addition to special linearities and mechanical stops options to ensure a long life.

Linear Potentiometers

API's Linear Potentiometer offers greater reliability and infinite resolution while taking up less space.  Our line consists of various stroke lengths, mounting options, and shaft-end options.

Motorized Potentiometers

Motorized Potentiometers by API offer clean motor operation and infinite resolution with top notch output smoothness.

Hollow Shaft Potentiometers

API's Hollow Shaft Potentiometer offers the longest life, best output smoothness, and infinite resolution in a smaller package.

Hall Effect Rotary Sensors

API's Hall Effect Precision Position Sensoroffers special linearities, shaft configurations, flange mounting configurations, and special gear and mounting fram configurations.

Professional Audio Controls

API's Professional Audio Conrols offer custom resistance values and special electrical slope functions, linearities, electrical angles, and mounting configurations.

Aerospace Cockpit & Instrument Controls

API's Aerospace Cockpit and Instrument Controls offer custom resistance values and special linearities, electrical angles, multi-sections and mounting configurations.

Fader/Lever Arm Poteniometers

API's Fader Potentiometer offer infinite resolution with aluminum and plastic handles to ensure the longest life possible.

PTC Heater Assemblies

API PTC Heater Assemblies integrate temperature sensors, controllers, and other components or electronics in order to provide a complete integrated solution.

Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs)

Resistance Temperature Detectors by API are characterized by a linear change in resistance with respect to temperature.  The RTD element consists of a thin film of platinum or nickel which is deposited onto a ceramic substrate and laser trimmed to the desired resistance.

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