New Event Added to Schedule: LandWarNet in Tampa, FL

API Technologies will be attending the LandWarNet 2010 Tradeshow at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida from August 3-5. "LandWarNet: Providing Global Cyber Dominance to Joint/Combined Commanders" offers the largest defense, communication, and Information Technology tradeshow in the Southeast. 

Join us in Booth 111, where Henry Gold and Brent Kephart from the New Jersey office will represent API at the event.  There will be a wide variety of products on display, showcasing API's capabilities in Secure Communications & Networking and TEMPEST/Emanation Security.  Featured products include: Cryptek™ TS-21 Blackjack, EMCON® Lightweight Communications Suite™, Netgard™ MFD, ION™ SA5600 Secure Appliance, ION™ SA500 Service Access Point, and ION™ PRIISMS. 

Will you be there too? Let us know.