Power Line Filters

API's Power Line Filters are designed for industrial environements, offer excellent attenuation for high voltage impulses, and are ideally suited for products that must conform to FCC part 15 regulations.

Three-Phase Power Line Filters

API's Three-Phase Power Line Filters are high performance Delta and Wye configurations designed for industrial environments and ideally suited for products that must conform to FCC part 15 regulations.

Mini Surface Mount Power Filters

Mini Surface Mount Power Filters by API are designed for 10A DC power lines and offer insertion loss in a wide frequency band by combining feed through capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors and ferrite bead inductors with high self resonance frequency.

Structural Ceramics

API Structual Ceramics have the ability to produce complex geometries via additional machining for ceramic body types that can meet all your mechanical and electrical product requirements.

SMPS Capacitors

High speed Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) capacitors by API offer lower Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR), lower Equivalent Series Inductance (ESL), lower ripple voltage, and less self heating compared to other capacitive elements.

Planar Capacitors

API designs and manufactures a wide range of planar capacitor arrays that offer many advantages over stand-alone chip, discoidal or tubular capacitors:  they are low profile, compact, and have quick assembly time.

Discoidal Capacitors

API's discoidal capacitors provide great versatility in meeting varied voltage, capacitance and dimensional requirements and are ideally suited for by-pass and filtering applications.

Tubular Capacitors

API manufactures a wide variety of tubular ceramic capacitors, which are small in size, lightweight, non-polar and offer high dielectric strength and impervious to moisture and contamination.

Filtered Circular Connectors

API offers a premium line of custom and specialty filtered connectors. These custom high reliability, circular connectors have a reputation for superior quality and performance.

Filtered Audio Connectors

API's custom filtered audio connectors provide effective EMI filtering and meet all the requirements of MIL-STD-810F including sand and dust, salt, fog, high altitude operation, fungus resistance and immersion to 20 meters.

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