SST / EMCON TEMPEST Teleconferencing & Telepresence

API offers TEMPEST Teleconferencing products, which safeguarde the world’s most sensitive information by shielding IT systems and confidential data from those who may do harm. TEMPEST Teleconferencing products by API are unrecognizable to the untrained eye, giving the impression of everyday teleconferencing units while limiting stray signals and electromagnetic waves.

Our TEMPEST Certifications include:

  • USA NSTISSAM/1-92 Levels I, II & III
  • U.S. Zone Requirements
  • Canadian CID/09/015A Levels I, II & III
  • NATO SDIP-27 Levels A, B & C
  • NATO SDIP-28 and SDIP-29
  • NATO Zones 0, 1 and 2

API offers TEMPEST solutions through our Cryptek, Emcon, and SST Brands.

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