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The company offers a wide range of design and engineering services for both defense and commercial customers. Featured areas of expertise include: payloads, ground control systems, RF, microwave, and millimeterwave. From concept to manufacturing, the API team is poised to offer support at any stage of the product lifecycle.  The Engineering Services Group at API Technologies works closely with partners and clients to analyze the situation and quickly develop solutions. In some cases, prototypes can be developed and tested in-house in a matter of days.

With expertise in RF/Microwave, Circuit Card Assemblies, Components and Subsystems, Alternative Energy, and Unmanned Systems, it’s no wonder the Armed Forces and major suppliers turn to API engineers to help solve technical problems.

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Featured Case Studies


Signal Extender for In-field Wireless Communications

Challenge: Even with current technological advances, secure wireless communications in austere environments (like Iraq and Afghanistan) is often unreliable. Improvements were needed to increase both the reliability of the signal as well as the range.

Solution:  API engineers developed an easy-to-install lightweight antennae with integrated bias-T that attaches to a MRAP. This solution increased reliability and extended the range of wireless communications up to 5 miles. It is currently being used    by troops in Afghanistan.

Video Aiming Device for EOD Disposal

Challenge: EOD technicians (both military and civilian) had no way to judge stand-off distance between a robot’s disruptor barrel and the suspicious package.  This led to the EOD technicians improvising a solution -- cutting venetian blinds to their standoff distance and then taping them to the disruptor.  This did not allow them to accurately measure their distance if they needed change the range.  It was also very difficult for them to take more than one shot, because the first shot usually blew the blind away.

Solution: API engineers designed a disruptor aiming system that allows bomb technicians to aim robotically mounted disruptors and more accurately execute their shots.  The system utilizes an integrated camera and a rangefinder to determine the operators range to their target. With this range information the system processes where the points of impact need to appear on the robots control monitor in order to hit their target.  The system allows operators to change the range to their target without having to recalibrate their sighting system.

Custom Military Vehicle Power Supply

Challenge: A military vehicle manufacturer needed to significantly boost power output in order to power its communications systems.

Solution: API designed a solution that doubled the output of the existing DC/DC power converter (from 25 Watts to 50 Watts) without changing the size footprint.  API was also contracted to manufacture the power supply and has shipped over 50,000 units.


Challenge: The military often uses an AGIG (Airborne Global Information Grid) System to interpret live video signals from UAVs and transmit these signals to the ground station.  API engineers were asked to build the bench test for the system and troubleshoot problems with the prototypes.

Solution: API worked closely with the client and its partners to ensure a successful prototype.  API engineers also developed the final technical package.

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