Sensors & Measurement

The company designs, develops a wide variety of high-performance custom sensors for commercial and military applications. Featured products include:

  • NTC Thermistors
  • RTD Sensors
  • Surge Current Limiters
  • Temperature Sensing Probes and Assemblies
  • Heavy Duty Hi-Rel Temperature Probes and Assemblies
  • Combination Temperature and Humidity Sensors, Probes & Assemblies
  • PTC Thermistors
  • PTC Heater Assemblies
  • Combination Temperature Sensors and Heater Assemblies
  • Resistive Element Segment and Wiper Assemblies
  • Rotary Precision Potentiometers
  • Linear Precision Potentiometers
  • Hollow Shaft Precision Potentiometers
  • Motorized Potentiometers
  • Hall Effect Rotary Sensors
  • Professional Audio Controls
  • Aerospace Cockpit and Instrument Controls
  • Fader/Lever Arm Potentiometers
  • Motorized Potentiometer Controls
  • Analog Accelerometers
  • Digital Accelerometers
  • Analog Rate Gyros
  • Inertial Measurement Systems
  • Custom Solutions