The CMN719 Band Reject Filter eliminates brute force overload (BFO) interference of ENG-RO sites caused by AWS operators transmitting at 2110.6-2121.5 MHz.  The CMN719 is particularly critical to the preservation and   operation of TV BAS Channel A7 (2097.5-2109.5 MHz).

The CMN719 attenuates AWS frequencies 2110.6-2121.5 MHz by 60 dB minimum while pasing BAS Channels A1-A7 (2025.5 - 2109.5 MHz) with a specified 1.60 dB maximum insertion loss.  Typical worst case insertion loss of 1.50 dB occurs at the extreme band edge of Channel A7 at 2109.5 MHz.  CMN719’s installed in the field have shown that the filter’s group delay have not degraded  digital ENG signals.

The CMN719 is configured with a 19” 2U rack mount panel.  Connectors are Type - N Female.

  • Attenuates AWS frequencies 2110.6-2121.5 MHz by 60 dB minimum
  • 1.50 dB insertion loss
  • Configured with a 19” 2U rack mount panel


  • 2030 - 2109.5 MHz

Insertion Loss

  • 1.60 dB max.

Return Loss

  • 16 dB min.


  • 60 dB min
  • 2110.6 - 2121.5 MHz


  • Type “N” Female

Operational Temp

  • +20°C to +40°C


  • Unpainted, Silver Finish