SE3000BT Communications Enclosure

The SST SE3000BT TEMPEST Communications Enclosure has been designed with ergonomic use in mind and is manufactured with lightweight materials.  It incorporates TEMPEST features to meet AMSG720B or Zone 0 requirements when fully loaded.

The cabinet is designed for the integration of communications devices including routers and crypto devices, for example: Cisco 2611xm, Thamer Data Links and Brent 2.

A typical configuration also contains an ISDN2 Optical Line Extender Card chassis, which can be used with either 62.5/125 or 50/125 fibre cables and an X.21 Fibre Card (2048Kbit/s). Power for the communication devices is provided via a filtered 6-way mains distribution unit (PDU).

A dedicated UPS is available to ensure maximum reliability.

To achieve a complete working solution SST provides a full integration and TEMPEST Certification service of the customer’s configuration including a range of options.

  • Scaleable Design from 6U to 24U
  • Full Access RFI / EMI door
  • Easily Transportable
  • Connectors on removable* rear panel for easy configuring (*Can be fixed for added security)
  • A dedicated UPS is available to ensure maximum reliability
  • Meets AMSG720B or Zone 0 requirements when fully loaded


  • SST Tempest Comms Enclosure and Main Filters
  • 6-way PDU Mains Distribution


  • 4 Lifting Handles

Enclosure Access:

  • Front door with secure locking handles*
  • Access Panle for Rear Connectors*
  • Large Rear Access Panel for main equipment*

* All access panels can be fixed for added security on final production systems

Network Interface:

  • Ethernet Fibre Card (Lanart)
  • Internal F/O cables 3

I/O Interface:

  • 3U Modem Frame
  • X21 Fibre Card
  • ISDN 2 Fibre Card

Cable Management:

  • Cable Tray
  • Internal Equipment Cabling
  • Ancillary Components for cable I/O

Comms Equipment:

  • Thamer (up to 2)
  • Brent 2 Telephone
  • Cisco 2600xm Router

Connectivity, Std:

  • IEEE 1284-Compliant

Regulatory Compliance:

  • UL, CJA, TUV, CE Compliant


  • Designed to meet AMSG720B or Zone 0 requirements


  • 6U:  260 (H), 285 (H), 300 (D) mm
  • 12U: 520 (H), 570 (W), 600 (D) mm
  • 24U: 1040 (H), 1140 (W), 1200 (D) mm


  • 12 kg (No Comms equipment)
  • 20 kg (No Comms equipment)
  • 27 kg (No Comms equipment)


  • Five years

Certification Note:

This specific product was certified by SST as being compliant to the SDIP-27 standard. SST is a TEMPEST manufacturer and operates a test facility accredited by CESG (UK Government Authority for Information Assurance). Should additional certifications and/or endorsement of the testing methodology and results be required, please contact us about this product.