TEMPEST SDIP-27 Level B 6A AC Inline Power Filter

The high attenuation and wide band filtering capabilities of this filter enable the use of SDIP-27 Level B equipment in an unprotected power environment.  The SST power line filter is designed to isolate signals generated within equipment and significantly reduce conducted power line emissions. This enables installation of TEMPEST SDIP-27 level B equipment in an area without pre-conditioned (filtered) AC power.

This robust slimline filter is designed for use on single-phase AC supply and easily installs in place of the standard power lead. The filter simply connects between the AC supply and equipment without having to ensure earth bonding to a conductive bulkhead or onsite installation of supplementary earthing circuits.

Leads are permanently bonded to the case with a standard IEC 320 C13 for direct connection to the range of SST TEMPEST SDIP-27 Level B equipment. The European version includes a plug with side contact and pin earthing/grounding for correct power orientation.

Installation of the filter supports compliance with the requirements of system InfoSec and EMC specifications and is designed to be compatible with personnel protection RCCD circuits. These Power Filters compliment the extensive range of TEMPEST SDIP-27 Level B products

  • High performance 6A AC mains power filter
  • Direct replacement for standard power lead
  • Use SDIP-27 Level B equipment in a unprotected power environment
  • Robust slimline design
  • Easily installed without bulkhead fixing or secondary Earth circuit
  • Isolates signals generated within equipment and significantly reduces conducted power line emissions
  • Easily installs in place of the standard power lead


Product Type:

  • Single enclosure low pass EMI suppression filter

Power Supply:

  • Stationary pluggable Type A connection

Minimum Performance:

  • Rated voltage Single Phase 240VAC/120VAC
  • Rated Current 6A @40 degrees C
  • 2 lines-capacitive & magnetic line coupling
  • Neutral load current return.
  • Voltage Drop <0.5V @ 6A DC


  • Compatible as a direct replacement of the standard power lead with all SST TEMPEST SDIP-27 level B items requiring an IEC 320 C13 connection.  The user is obligated to verify functional compatibility of filter and dedicated curcuit operational devices prior to installation.  System Designer remains responsible for verifying that the filter design standard enables compiance with equiment and platform specifications.  Enables the use of SDIP-27 Level B equipment in an unprotected power environment.


  • CE Compliant, Safety to BSEN60950


  • Height: 35mm
  • Weight: 170mm
  • Length: 235mm
  • Weight: <900kg


  • 5 degrees C to +4- degrees C (Operating)
  • -25 degrees C to 70 degrees C (Non-Operating)

Relative Humidity:

  • 5% to 90% RH (Operating, non-condensing)


  • The filter capacitors are self-bleeding but the user continues to be obligated to ensure that the application circuit contains a satisfactory alternative safety discharge mechanism.  Usual industry saftey practice of confirmation of discharge by shot-circuiting after power supply is removed should be observed.

Certification Note:

This specific product was certified by SST as being compliant to the SDIP-27 standard. SST is a TEMPEST manufacturer and operates a test facility accredited by CESG (UK Government Authority for Information Assurance). Should additional certifications and/or endorsement of the testing methodology and results be required, please contact us about this product.