Wideband, Switchable, Phase Matched Amplifiers (2000-8000 MHz)


Compact solution to system signal distribution issues with this new phase matched, switchable, multi-channel amplifier design. The Model BXMF1020 allows an engineer to distribute an amplified signal to multiple ports and measure the amplified output from up to 4 additional ports. The Model BXMP1020 is both phased and amplitude matched, providing 10 to 20 dB of gain and over 60 dB of channel to channel isolation. For more information visit here.




  • Built-in input over-drive protection as well as fast switching speed performance. 
  • Model BXMP1020, along with the 2 channel model BXMP1019 uses TTL logic, delivers up to 10 dBm of output power
  • Standard and customizable configurations



  • Ideal for demanding military signal distribution systems, these units are aggressively priced and engineered for superior performance