SST is able to provide timely and customised consultancy, particularly in the fields of COMSEC and EMSEC.

SST can provide confidential consultancy throughout a TEMPEST project.

From writing TEMPEST control and test plans to Testing & Test reports we work closely with CESG to provide our customers with an efficient route to CESG approval. Particular value can be gained when we’re engaged at an early stage in a programme for an appreciation of the TEMPEST issues.

Programme Support

SST is renowned for its ability to deliver projects on time and on-budget. This is thanks to our highly experienced dedicated project managers. The services of these project managers are available for government and NATO projects. Their experience, particularly in the fields of COMSEC and EMSEC, means they can manage projects at every stage including risk assessment, management, planning, ILS, QA and implementation.


TEMPEST test services

SST is a CESG-accredited TEMPEST test house. (CESG is the UK Government Technical Authority for information assurance.)
SST personnel have many years’ experience performing formal TEMPEST and EMC tests on fixed and mobile installations to military and UK Government test standards.

Offsite TEMPEST platform testing

SST is certified by CESG to perform TEMPEST platform testing. With the benefit of many years platform testing experience SST either employ dedicated mobile test equipment on customer site or work conjunction with Trac (for EMC Testing) in the large shielded facility in Malvern.

Onsite TEMPEST product testing

SST TEMPEST and EMC Test Facility Personnel have many years experience performing acceptance testing on products and mobile platform installations. The CESG accredited SST TEMPEST Test Facility has five TEMPEST test cells and is staffed by some of the most experienced CESG trained Level 4 TEMPEST engineers in the UK.

SST will often work alongside equipment manufacturers to impart an appreciation of TEMPEST aspects during initial design stages. With a unique position in the UK, SST is a CESG accredited manufacturer of TEMPEST products as well as providing the testing and endorsement function and has a deep appreciation of the manufacturing process, often providing an initial assessment of TEMPEST performance to highlight areas of concern before formal testing commences.

SST is able to offer a wide range of services including:

  • TEMPEST certification testing to NATO SDIP-27 Levels A, B and C (AMSG720B, AMSG788A and AMSG784B)
  • TEMPEST Production Assurance Testing (TPAT) to NATO SDIP-27 Levels A, B and C (AMSG720B, AMSG788A and AMSG784B)
  • EMC testing to MIL-STD-461 and DEF STAN 59-41
  • Endorsement to NATO standards through CESG
  • TEMPEST/EMC design and consultancy services
  • Guidance on installation
  • On-site evaluations and investigations.

Compliance tests

As part of the testing procedure, SST can also provide clear and concise test plans, details of procedures and comprehensive reports.
SST can carry out a wide range of compliance tests including:

  • TEMPEST to AMSG 784B and 788A
  • DEF STAN 59-41
  • MIL STD 461
  • RTCA/DO160C/D

Platform testing

As a specialist TEMPEST test and certification company, (SST) has performed platform acceptance testing both in ‘green field’ situations and in the 18m x 14m TEMPEST and EMC test facility.

Electromagnetic fields in excess of 200V/m, 10kHz to 18GHz, can be also created to simulate very hostile environments.

TEMPEST facility (building) testing and installation

SST can assist when it comes to the requirements of TEMPEST Zoning (SDIP-28) and Installation (SDIP-29). SST can be involved from the initial discussion on whether TEMPEST should be taken into consideration, through Zoning Procedures, assessment of requirements, design of facility through to installation of services and equipment

In addition to SDIP-29 (Facility Design Criteria and Installation of Electrical Equipment for Processing Classified Information) SST includes the requirements of JSP440 and JSP480.

Testing facility

The test site is secure, enabling SST to cater for MoD and other defence contracts. The test facility measures 18 x 14 x 6 metres and has a 5 metre entrance to accommodate large wheel and track vehicles. It also has a reinforced floor to handle loads up to 80 tonnes. All the roadways on the site have been constructed for heavy machinery.

Approvals and accreditations

SST is CESG registered and the TEMPEST test cells are approved by CESG (the UK Government Technical Authority for information assurance).

Custom Solutions

As well as its standard range of products, SST also offers bespoke engineering and product development services. SST’s engineers work closely with customers to achieve customised solutions that meet their stringent requirements.

SST project managers and engineering designers offer a comprehensive and unparalleled service, including:

  • specification of requirements
  • design and development of equipment
  • 3D modelling and prototype production
  • proof-of-principle and/or technology demonstrators
  • assessment of test requirements
  • validation and performance testing.

Working with its strategic partners, SST offers a complete project managed service from conception to deployment.


To meet the company aim of providing customers with consistent, high quality products with zero defects, SST operates a Quality Assurance system accredited to ISO 9001:2000.

For TEMPEST products, SST warrants the TEMPEST performance of a product for its lifetime provided any maintenance required is performed by an approved maintenance provider.

SST provides a comprehensive warranty with each product which can normally be upgraded to provide an extended warranty period.

SST is experienced in all aspects of customer logistic and programme support where obsolescence management and through-life programme support is an issue.

Where maintenance contracts have not been arranged, SST offers a maintenance and repair service where materials and repair engineer are charged out at the prevailing SST rates.

In some circumstances customers wish to perform their own maintenance of SST supplied products. In this instance SST offers maintenance training for customer technicians on specific products to augment the SST warranty provision.


SST offers a number of comprehensive courses that can be tailored to meet customer's exact requirements:

  • TEMPEST introduction and installation requirements
  • TEMPEST Tester training for NATO SDIP requirements
  • TEMPEST equipment Authorised Product Maintainer (APM) training

SST also offers a range of training courses on subjects including EMC, COMSEC and EMSEC.

Training can take place at the SST purpose-built design, test and manufacturing facility located just 17km from CESG, the UK National TEMPEST Authority, or at a customer’s location. Course dates and delegate numbers depend on the training and customer requirements. Some courses are subject to minimum NATO security clearances.

TEMPEST, an introduction and awareness day

A one day introduction to the principals of TEMPEST including: the Infosec model and deriving requirements, SDIP Standards, mandatory requirements of the Home Office Security Policy Framework (SPF), TEMPEST versus EMC, typical systems, addressing vulnerability and control implementation, installation and equipment, and ‘debunking’ popular misconceptions.

TEMPEST introduction and installation requirements

An introduction to the principals of TEMPEST; NATO SDIP Standards for equipment testing and correct installation; an appreciation of mobile platform and installation testing. Specifically the SDIP-29 standard (formerly AMSG 719G) titled "Installation of Electrical Equipment for the Processing of Classified Information” defines installation requirements, specifically with respect to equipment used, power supplies, grounding and cable distances.

TEMPEST tester training for NATO SDIP requirements

As a developer and manufacturer of TEMPEST products, SST provides an unrivalled opportunity to experience the testing of a large range of TEMPEST product in development and production scenarios. This enables attendees to gain valuable experience of real-life TEMPEST issues rather than theoretical testing or a limited range of items. Please contact SST to discuss detailed requirements and enable us to tailor the course to levels of experience.

The fundamentals of TEMPEST testing course will cover:

  • Test structure and organisation
  • Qualification of Test Facility
  • Test Instrumentation familiarisation and calibration
  • Security aspects
  • Test planning and reporting
  • Testing fundamentals
  • On-site testing principles
  • NATO Standards – current and previous
  • Zoning principles and application
  • TEMPEST Production Assurance (TPAT)
  • Analysis and reporting of results.

TEMPEST equipment maintenance training

TEMPEST equipment from SST comes with an industry-leading lifetime TEMPEST warranty. The validity of the warranty is subject to any maintenance being carried out by an Authorised Product Maintainer (APM). In addition to comprehensive after sales support, SST offers training to allow customers to become an APM.

Courses are designed to provide authorised service personnel with the skills to correctly maintain TEMPEST-certified equipment and ensure that the TEMPEST integrity of the equipment shall not be brought into question in any way.

APM training therefore covers several aspects:

  • the correct disassembly and re-assembly procedures of the TEMPEST equipment
  • the TEMPEST critical features particular to the equipment
  • the procedures to ensure equipment retains its TEMPEST certified state.