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EMI Power Filters

Browse our line of EMI Power Filters to find the ideal method to filter the AC or DC power entering your system to prevent radiated or conducted EMI with our line of standard power filters and custom power solutions.

Bolt-in style with D-shaped bushing for easy installation for preventing radiated or conducted EMI.
EMI Power Line Filters provide excellent attenuation for high voltage impulse. Available with fast-on, bolt-in terminals or wire leads.
Three Phase Power Line Filters are Ideal for products that must conform to FCC Part 15 regulations.
Rarely does an off-the-shelf power filter completely satisfy the mechanical, electrical and power requirements of a sophisticated design.
EMP/HEMP Filters are designed to protect sensitive electronics equipment during hazardous transient conditions.
Meets over-voltage of IEC 664 Category II and complies with IEC 950.
Chassis or DIN rail mount EMI power filters make for easy connections, installations, and replacements.
Easy connections for easy installation makes these filters ideal for equipment requiring high noise attenuation and low leakage current.