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Custom Power Filters

Rarely does an off-the-shelf power filter completely satisfy the mechanical, electrical and power requirements and constraints of a sophisticated OEM design. Whether modifying an existing power filter design, working from a "clean sheet: approach or integrating various technologies into a sub-assembly, the resulting power filters will be a product tailored to your project's design, logistic and budgetary requirements.

Plug-and-play designs cover a range of industrial and instrumentation applications with effective conductive filtering from 10 KHz to 30 MHz.
These power filters will accommodate non-magnetic, low leakage requirements ideal for medical applications.
API can combine filters with other components around the filtering into one package ideal for commercial communication applications.
Our custom power filters for military and aerospace applications and are available in both standard and custom designs.
API Technologies can create easy-to-install assemblies that contain all the components and EMI filtering solutions in one compact package.