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Fast-on Tabs DC - Higher Current

12-PMF/PMB DC Series

Space-saving, compact designs suitable for products that must conform to FCC regulations. These filters have excellent attenuation for high voltage impulse and the metal case provides effective shielding. Excellent filtering characteristics for both normal mode and common mode and epoxy molded for internal component reliability. This structure provides effective shielding for noise generated externally and internally. 

  • Space-saving, compact designs
  • Suitable for products that must conform to FCC regulations
  • Excellent attenuation for high voltage impulse
  • Metal case provides effective shielding
  • Excellent filtering characteristics for both normal mode
    and common mode
  • Epoxy molded for internal component reliability
  • Structure provides effective shielding for noise generated externally and internally
  • Designed to be in accordance with VDE 0565 Part 3
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Digital equipment
  • Computers and peripherals
  • Measuring instruments
  • Medical equipment
  • Equipment requiring very high impulse attenuation
  • Factory automation equipment
  • Industrial equipment such as UPS, inverters and converters
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Office automation equipment, such as copy and fax machines

12-PMF/PMB DC Higher Current Series

Part Number Rated Voltage Rated Current Temperature
Rise (Max.)
12-PMF-006-DC-C 48/250VAC 6A 30°C
12-PMF-010-DC-C 48/250VAC 10A 30°C
12-PMF-015-DC-C 48/250VAC 15A 30°C
12-PMF-020-DC-C 48/250VAC 20A 30°C
12-PMF-025-DC-D 48/250VAC 25A 30°C
12-PMB-025-DC-F 48/250VAC 25A 30°C
12-PMB-030-DC-F 48/250VAC 30A 30°C
12-PMB-035-DC-F 48/250VAC 35A 30°C
12-PMB-040-DC-F 48/250VAC 40A 30°C
12-PMB-040-DC-B 48/250VAC 40A 30°C
12-PMB-050-DC-B 48/250VAC 50A 30°C
12-PMB-060-DC-B 48/250VAC 60A 30°C
12-PMB-080-DC-G 48/250VAC 80A 30°C
12-PMB-080-DC-C 48/250VAC 80A 30°C
12-PMB-100-DC-C 48/250VAC 100A 30°C
12-PMB-120-DC-C 48/250VAC 120A 30°C
12-PMB-140-DC-C 48/250VAC 140A 30°C
12-PMB-180-DC-E 48/250VAC 180A 30°C
12-PMB-200-DC-E 48/250VAC 200A 30°C
12-PMB-260-DC-E 48/250VAC 260A 30°C

Note: Test voltage: 1500VAC one minute, line to earth
Insulation resistance: 300 Mohm min. at 500VDC
Voltage drop: 1V max. at rated current
Discharge time: 0.4 sec. max.

Weight: 8.82 ounces (250 grams)