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8420 Multichannel Programmable Phase Shifter Systems

A Weinschel Product

APITech's Weinschel's Model 8420 Series Multichannel Programmable Phase Shifter systems allow for multiple phase shift channels to be controlled across a variety of interfaces, or via a front panel.

The 8420 series are housed in half rack enclosures and can be configured for up to 4 channels.

This series can be configured for front, rear, or front to rear RF connections.

The 8420 series uses a message based, IEEE 488.2 compatable command set. Control software is included.

Maximum Channels 4
AC Voltage 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
AC Power 30 Watt Max
Operating Temperature 0° to 50° C
Control Connectors 9-Pin D (Male)
Mini-B USB
RJ-45 (Ethernet)
Control Interfaces Front Panel
Hardware Compatability Microsoft Windows
Apple Os X
Software Compatability Microsoft Windows
Apple Os X
Form Factor Half-Rack, 9.5" 2U
Fmin (MHz)Fmax (MHz)Phase Shifter ModelRange (°)Step Size (°)Insertion Loss (dB)Maximum SWRSwitching
0 6000 984-1 630 10 5 1.6 Mechanical
RoHS compliance dependent on device installed. Some devices are NOT compliant.