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1506A Resistive Power Divider (Type N, DC-18 GHz)

  • Accurate Division and Low Frequency Sensitivity -The symmetry of output power between the two arms is excellent across the frequency range.
  • High Stability - Low temperature and power coeffi cients ensure attenuation stability.
  • Test data Data - Each divider is calibrated at four frequencies, and the data is supplied on a permanently attached test data plate.
  • Matched Ports - Symmetrical 6 dB division permits any port to be used as input.
  • Weinschel Brand Product.

Frequency Range Maximum Input SWR Connector Type Maximum Output SWR Maximum Insertion Loss Amplitude Tracking Phase Tracking Average Input Power Type
DC-18 GHz 1.35 N Male Input, N Female Output 1.35 7.5 dB 0.5 dB Max 5 +/- deg 1 W Power Divider