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About SST

Providing secure products for a more secure world.

In the office or in the harshest environments, when data security is paramount, SST has a solution. SST's customers include NATO and approved nations around the world.

SST provides the facilities to test products to security and environmental conditions.  As such, the company’s services are in demand from military and government organizations throughout NATO, Europe and Australasia.  This includes NATO agencies, ministries of defence, defence prime contractors, ministries of foreign affairs, and other government agencies.  SST’s dedication to TEMPEST spans three decades.  The Company has a long-standing association with NCSC (Formerly CESG) at Cheltenham as a member of the Industrial TEMPEST Scheme.  SST was the first company to achieve accreditation under the CESG Formal Tempest Certification Scheme (CFTCS) and remains the only company able to offer co-located CFTCS accreditation and production.   SST is also accredited to the Platform accreditation scheme (CPTAS)

Key benefits of working with SST:

  • Consultation & design service
  • Proven large-scale manufacturing capability
  • Rapid response for urgent operational requirements
  • Professional Maintenance training courses
  • Maintenance hot-line support
  • Dedicated, escorted deliveries to site
  • In-house, NCSC certified TEMPEST test chambers and CFTSC Accredited staff
  • Secure UK Government facility with suitably cleared personnel and storage
  • UK Government-appointed Crypto Custodian.
  • EN ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company

Secure Systems and Technologies (SST) is part of the Secure Systems division of APITech.  Secure Systems designs security solutions for sensitive environments where data, if compromised, could have severe financial, political, privacy or defence-related consequences.