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About APITech

APITech combines engineering expertise, innovation and manufacturing excellence to enable mission-critical solutions. Designed to solve complex problems in signal modulation and transmission, APITech solutions enable high quality product performance in the military and government, space, commercial, aerospace, security, medical, industrial and communications industries. Through proven experience and innovation, APITech delivers reliable solutions for the most rugged environments in the world – and beyond. Our team works to understand each customer’s needs at every level, which leads to long-term partnerships with our customers that transcend transactions and projects, helping to drive ongoing value at all levels of an organization.

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APITech Values

APITech operates by the following guiding principles: safety, integrity, respect, ethics, trust and continuous improvement. APITech is dedicated to delivering highly-engineered, reliable products that help save, enhance and protect lives. The company employs a secure, trusted, innovative, empowered and resilient environment to collaborate across the organization to deliver impactful results to our customers.


Human lives are often at stake so our components need to work properly every time. At APITech, we innovate, design and deliver high reliability products every day to serve our customers. These products help keep soldiers safe, allow satellites to communicate, and through medical technology, help save lives. In serving our customers, our employees have the right to work in a safe environment without physical harm and without harassment.

Continued Improvement

Continuous improvement is in our DNA. We are committed to innovation and transformation, whether that requires employee training or new tools, to support our ongoing focus on being as efficient as possible.


We are a global company with decades of combined experience and long-standing customer partnerships. Our customer-centric approach includes close collaboration, customized solutions, and living up to our commitments.


We respect all employees, who do the same for our customers. We are stronger when we respect each other’s contribution and unique talents.

Integrity and Ethics

Our reputation means everything to us. There is no compromise on our ethical standards. Every action and every decision must come from a position of integrity.

APITech Heritage

Founded in 1981, APITech brought together the power of several trusted brands and formed a uniquely capable partner for RF/microwave, electromagnetic, and security solutions. Over the past 70 years, the company’s engineers and technologists have led the way in creating high-quality solutions for demanding environments everywhere. Today, APITech’s team includes 1,300+ people working across 14 design/manufacturing centers in North America and Europe.

RF & Microwave Components

Standard and customizable RF & microwave components.Learn More

IMAs and RF Subsystems

IMAs and RF Subsystem Solutions. Designed and Manufactured in the U.S. and U.K.Learn More

EMI Filters

EMI filter designs, both components and assembly solutions, for EMC compliance, energy efficiency and power management.Learn More

Microelectronic Solutions

Custom microelectronic solutions, hybrid assemblies, optoelectronics, SAW, high temperature and multi-chip modules designed and manufactured in the U.S. and U.K.Learn More

Secure Systems & Information Assurance

Proven hardware and software security solutions enabling the safe transmission, management and storage of sensitive & classified data.Learn More

Power Conversion & Distribution

Custom and standard AC and DC power conversion and distribution solutionsLearn More

Featured Products and Capabilities

APITech provides a variety of products and capabilities for different applications. Learn more here.Learn More

Secure Access Solutions

Secure remote access solutions that control privileged user access to critical voice and data network infrastructures to reduce the risk of a privileged user breach.Learn More