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Limiters: out with the old, in with the new

The benefits of replacing gas limiters with solid state limiters.

RF Limiters are used to prevent damage to the low noise amplifier (LNA) due to excessive power at the input of the system. LNA's and other components in the receive chain of communication systems are very sensitive, as they are usually designed to accept small signal levels which are then amplified. 

The limiter attenuates the signal level to ensure that the LNA or other components in the Rx chain are not damaged due to the excessive input power which can have a knock-on effect throughout the entire communication system.


Commercial Aviation Radar

The Problem

Solid-state as well as gas discharge limiter technologies are appropriate for most operating environments and applications. However, solid-state limiters are more desirable when considering operating life, costs and environmental impact.

A customer in the commercial Radar industry came to Spectrum Control to find a solution for a problem they had with legacy gas discharge limiters. By using this technology, the customer has to dispose and replace the hazardous gas discharge limiters every 10 years. Not only is this an expensive exercise but also damaging to the environment.

The Solution

By replacing the gas discharge limiters with solid state limiters, Spectrum Control were able to provide the customer with a cost effective, serviceable, repairable solution that provided continuous function without any downtime due to replacement and disposal.

Plus, the customer no longer needs to deal with the hazardous gases associated with gas discharge limiters.

APITech's Solid State Limiter

Benefits of Spectrum Control's solid state limiters

• Competitive pricing compared to gas discharge limiters
• Health safe
• Environmentally safe
• Compact size
• Serviceable
• Repairable


Spectrum Control has over 40 years' experience in the custom design, vertical integration and in-house manufacturing of Limiters covering a wide range of frequencies. To find out more, click here