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EMI Filter Connectors for Industrial Motors

Industrial motors incorporate EMI filter circular connectors, ensuring proper functionality. 

Electric motors play a key role in industrial processes. Systems need to function as expected while safely transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy and keeping production on schedule. Spectrum Control's EMI filter circular connectors protect industrial motors from the electromagnetic interference (EMI) commonly found in these operations.




Why Choose Spectrum Control's Connectors?

Spectrum Control has a long history of supplying reliable and effective EMI filter connectors for the rugged conditions of manufacturing plants, power generation facilities, and military applications. Our filtered compact shell connectors provide an effective filtering device that reduces the real estate required within a product enclosure. Using our EMI filter design and manufacturing expertise, we offer planar-style filtered arrays in C and Pi circuits up to 200nF in most configurations.

Spectrum Control designs and manufactures its line of EMI filter circular connectors, including the ceramic capacitors used as the filtering element, in the USA. This provides our customers with high-quality parts and delivers the industry's shortest lead times of 16 to 18 weeks.


Clear Competitive Differentiators

Spectrum Control supplied black nickel-zinc plated EMI filter connectors for this type of industrial motor. This RoHS-compliant version is resistant to corrosion and maintains electrical conductivity while reducing reflectivity on the surface. The aluminum alloy shell is manufactured with high-grade aluminum, making the connector more durable and lightweight for high performance.

Plus, these EMI filter connectors are environmentally sealed for harsh environmental applications, making them ideal for industrial settings. 




Product Features

• Available in MIL-DTL-38999 and other standard MIL configurations
• Operating temperature: -55°C - 125°C
• Voltage rating: 200VDC
• Custom designs available


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