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EMI Filter Connector Solutions for UAV Robotic Controls

EMI Filter Connectors safeguard automatic robotic control systems from RF interference and ensure the functions continue to operate accurately and safely. 

During operation, robotic control electronics for Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAV) may suffer from electromagnetic interference (EMI). This concern can be managed during the design of these systems with Spectrum Control's EMI filter connectors. Spectrum Control offers a wide range of options that will help improve performance, save board space, and reduce costs by managing EMI at the signal and power I/O.

We build the EMI filter into the connectors, providing additional space on the PCB board. Spectrum Control offers a wide range of EMI filter connectors products that include D-subminiature, circular, or hot shoe styles, along with miniature products for designs that require even smaller packages. Spectrum Control's EMI filter connector offerings, including our in-house planar array ceramic capacitors and shells, are manufactured in the USA, providing our customers with high-quality parts with the industry's shortest lead times.


Engine & Flight Controls

Micro D-Sub EMI Filter Connectors


UAV computer-managed ignition and control systems that command all aspects of the engine rely on the performance of EMI filter connectors to ensure the systems continuously monitor the strength of inputs, internal hardware functions, and external driver circuits.



Mini-MIL EMI Filter Connectors


Flight controls include a circuit board with a range of sensors that detect movement. These user commands depend on EMI filter connectors to make certain the data output is used to control the speed of the motors and make the UAV move as intended.



Secure Data Transfer

Rapid Mate Connectors


Communication with ground stations for surveillance, identification, and reconnaissance UAV missions is critical. Rapid Mate connectors provide the ease and reliability of a hot shoe connector with the added benefit of integral EMI filtering. For this product, Spectrum Control also offers custom unfiltered versions.



Additional Robotic Control Applications

Spectrum Control will support countless robotic control applications by eliminating or reducing EMI:

  • Unmanned Systems: unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), unmanned surface vehicles (USV), unmanned
    underwater vehicles (UUV)

  • Weapons and munitions

  • Military robots

  • Industrial drones


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