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EMI Filters Protect Electric Vehicle Power Distribution

Rugged and reliable single line feedthrough EMI filters offer a wide variety of performance levels.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Power Distribution Units enable multiple components to combine various functions in a single location. This includes the motor controller, traction loads, electric current, and voltages. Single line electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters provide reliable circuit protection for the electrical system and electronic components within these units. EMI filters keep the systems functioning and provide safety measures to the occupants. 



Why EV Demand Spectrum Control EMI Filters

Spectrum Control offers the most experienced team of EMI focused engineers in the industry. Easily installed, low-cost products address the mechanical, electrical, and power requirements of EV power distribution designs. Spectrum Control's diagnostic testing capabilities and world-class manufacturing will provide EMI filtering solutions to satisfy global EMC standards while meeting unique design requirements.

Spectrum Control's single line feedthrough filters are proven reliable. Not only in the EV market but also for defense, industrial infrastructure and machinery, renewable energy, and medical applications. This includes EMI filtering for power feed to electric control panels, point of entry incoming power for rooms and enclosures, power distribution, and power supplies.


Product Differentiators

Spectrum Control's single line feedthrough EMI filters are typically smaller in overall design diameter with a wide variety of AC and DC catalog models to choose from. These EMI filters have flexible manufacturing capability allowing us to respond quickly with lead times as low as 8 weeks for standard products, compared to the 14 to 16 week industry standard time.

These EMI filters are non-polar, surface mountable, and are available in capacitor and Pi circuit configurations.



Product Features

  • Bolt-in style EMI filter with D-shaped bushing for easy installation
  • Used for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Custom solutions up to 600A upon request
  • UL recognized products


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