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Gloucester, UK


Our Gloucester, ISO-9001 certified facility manufactures SST brand Tempest solutions and electronic equipment for military and secure government organizations throughout NATO and Europe.  Designs and manufacturing include TEMPEST (NATO SDIP-27), EMC-rated, rugged, encryption and communications security equipment for NATO bodies, ministries of defense, ministries of foreign affairs, defense prime contractors and other government agencies.

Brunel Court
Waterwells, Gloucester
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1452 557 237
Fax: +44 (0) 1452 557 700

Email: sales@sst.ws

APITech takes pride in retaining and expanding its credentials. Our SST Brand is registered on the Defence Contractors List, No: 22839, and is a UK Government approved Secure Facility. Its personnel are security cleared to UK and NATO clearance levels. Other qualifications include:

  • UK Defence Listed Supplier
  • NATO Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA), number 9092
  • Approved Crypto Custodian
  • UK National TEMPEST Authority (CESG) registered
  • TEMPEST Test cells approved by CESG (Facility Qualification)
  • Cyber Essentials Certification
  • Advanced Category 4 Approved TEMPEST Testers
  • UK government approved secure site
  • Quality EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate: FM 26798, since January 1994
  • Operates an environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001:2015