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API Technologies Introduces an Expanded Line of EMP/HEMP Filters Designed to Mitigate Naturally Occurring and Intentional EMI

Marlborough, MA – March 6, 2018 - API Technologies Corp. (API), a leading provider of high performance RF and microwave signal conditioning and electromagnetic spectrum management solutions announced the expansion of its Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Filter product platform. These new solutions are designed to prevent damage to critical facilities, infrastructure, aerospace, and land mobile electronic systems caused by intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) attacks such as nuclear and cyber terrorism attacks, and unintentional electromagnetic interference (UEMI) events such as power surges, lightning strikes and solar flares.

API’s EMP/HEMP filter product platform protects sensitive electronics and electronic systems from damage to circuitry caused by destructive energy resulting from either IEMI attacks or UEMI events. Using protective power filtering technology at the electronic assembly level, these API solutions provide improved transient protection when compared to traditional EMI filtering technologies, without compromising the high performance required in mission critical mobile, aircraft and fixed facility applications. Designed for use in high reliability commercial, industrial, defense and government applications, API’s EMP/HEMP product platform also delivers:

  • a small form factor that is ideal for space-saving or reduced weight requirements;
  • multiple connector options for ease of system integration;
  • increased flexibility and mobility when compared to traditional EMI shielding equipment;

At the onset of an EMP event or electromagnetic interference attack, rapid changes in electric and magnetic fields generate harmful currents that can enter an integrated circuit (IC) through any unprotected paths of entry to the system, such as power lines, signal, data, audio and control lines, and antenna entries. API’s EMP/HEMP filters protect electronics equipment by absorbing the potentially destructive EMP voltage and current within the filter before it reaches the electronic devices. Without protection from this harmful EMI, damage and disruption to system operability can be catastrophic, causing not only loss of data, security, and connectivity, but potentially the loss of life.

“API Technologies’ expanded EMP/HEMP product platform supports our customers’ needs to protect mission-critical communications systems, avionics equipment and fixed facility electronics from the emerging threat of a range of IEMI attacks and the unpredictability of unintentional energy surges,” said Larry Howanitz, Senior Vice President, Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions, API Technologies. “Our high reliability, MIL-grade solutions not only provide one of the smallest footprints available in the market, but also the added flexibility of widely ranging interconnect options for ease of integration into existing systems.”

API’s full line of EMP/HEMP filter solutions are designed to meet MIL-STD-188-125, E1 and E2 pulse test requirements and are rated for 6A, 16A and 30A. In support of application-specific requirements, products designed to meet modified E3 Pulse tests are also available.

To explore API Technologies’ full line of standard and customizable EMP/HEMP filtering solutions, visit www.apitech.com/emp-hemp-filters. For emanations security solutions requiring TEMPEST or Secure configurations at the networking or equipment level, visit www.apitech.com/ssia to explore custom EMI shielding and enclosure solutions.

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