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API Technologies Releases New Radiation Hardened Solid State Relays: SPST and SPDT Latching Relays Provide High Reliability Solution for Satellites and Launch Vehicles

solid-state-relaysmallOrlando, Fla., January 21, 2015  — API Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:ATNY), a leading provider of high performance RF, microwave, millimeterwave, and power solutions, has added a family of radiation hardened solid state latching relays, namely the AP10N01L, which is SPST (single pole single throw, normally open), and the AP1AD01BL, which is SPDT (single pole double throw). 

With a distinctive latching capability, these solid state relay products feature a wide input actuation voltage range (both set and reset) of 3.3 V to 36 V (compatible with most logic types), while operating voltage ranges between 12 and 36 Volts. The family’s flexible voltage handling capability simplifies overall design and reduces parts count, resulting in overall size and weight reduction and increased reliability. 

The AP10N01L (SPST) is configured as one contact that is open in the reset state and closed in the “set” state. It also offers a “Flag” output, a status indicator that can be used in place of a second contact to indicate relay state to local electronics, thus saving the expense of using a contact (a second pole) for this function. This model is designed to be price competitive with double pole double throw (DPDT) TO-5 mechanical relays. A construction option offers a “reverse Flag” output where the Flag is “low” when the relay is actuated. 

The AP1AD01BL (SPDT) is configured with a set of two contacts, one normally open and the other normally closed. When actuated, it performs the function of a single-pole-double-throw relay with break-before-make action. The inclusion of a latching capability makes this circuit design an industry first. The “Flag” output function is included as well as an additional “Negative Trigger,” option where both “set “ and “reset” respond to negative voltage commands instead of the normal positive voltage commands. 

Alan Tasker, senior design engineer, RF/Microwave & Microelectronics, API Technologies said, “With switching times similar to electro-mechanical relays, these new solid state relays provide a cost effective solution for customers seeking improved reliability for satellites and launch vehicles.” 

The complete series of space-qualified, rad-hard solid state relays includes dual 10 amp 100 to 250 V normally open or normally closed configurations as well as a 100 V SPDT type with sequenced timing. Both 1 amp and 2 amp current handling capabilities are available and break-before-make operation is standard. All solid state relay models have buffered inputs and can be designed for output currents between 1 and 20 amps. Although most radiation-hardened high-current solid state relays are of the normally open, or N.O. type, API has developed a normally closed, or N.C. type, making it the first of its kind in the industry. 

API’s line of rad-hard power management products also includes linear voltage regulators with adjustable or fixed output voltages (positive and negative voltage options) and highly efficient point-of-load (switching) regulators. Ideal for use in high-reliability applications, these components offer superior power management and consistent performance under the most adverse conditions. API’s space-qualified products feature radiation hardness assurance up to 300 kRad TID, hermetically sealed packaging, and an operating temperature range from -55o to +125o C. The company’s radiation hardened power management products are designed and manufactured in a MIL-PRF-38534 Class K facility. The products are designed to deliver optimum performance in the most compact packages available. 


  • 100 V breakdown voltage (N.O. contact)
  • 1 amp design (DC or AC)
  • Neutron fluence level >1.8E12 n/cm2
  • Optically coupled
  • Total dose capability >100 Krad (Si)
  • >1,000 VDC input to output and output to output isolation
  • Buffered input stage
  • 3.3 V compatible logic level input

Webpage: http://micro.apitech.com/solid-state-relays.aspx 

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