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API Technologies’ SST™ Enters into Agreement with pureLiFi to Deliver LiFi TEMPEST and Secure Solutions

Marlborough, MA – March 26, 2018 – API Technologies Corp. (API), a leader in high performance RF/microwave signal conditioning and electromagnetic spectrum management solutions, has entered into an agreement through its UK-based Secure Systems & Technologies (SST™) business with pureLiFi to deliver to the TEMPEST and Secure marketplace an array of LiFi products, certified to TEMPEST SDIP 27/2 and, where communications are classified SECRET or above, Secure SDIP 29 standards.

Under the agreement, API Technologies’ SST business will collaborate with pureLiFi to design, develop and manufacture TEMPEST and Secure certified LiFi products and will be the first to deliver TEMPEST or Secure configurations utilizing pureLiFi’s LiFi technology. These solutions will utilize pureLiFi proprietary technology to form wireless connectivity that delivers high speed, bi-directional and mobile data communication via the light spectrum. These LiFi enabled IT solutions are designed for use in government office communications or secure mobile deployment and mission critical computing applications requiring uninterrupted, secure transmission of data, plus the flexibility and mobility of a wireless network configuration.

Through SST’s in-house manufacturing capability to produce TEMPEST and Secure Communications certified products, SST and pureLiFi will jointly introduce the increased security benefits of this leading edge technology to the communications market. The LiFi solution secures the communications signal within a physical space, which protects it from hacking or signal interference attempts from devices outside the solution’s area of illumination. In addition, LiFi solutions utilize the light spectrum, which has more than 1,000 times more bandwidth than the RF spectrum used by traditional Wi-Fi technologies.

“API Technologies’ SST business is known for its expertise in developing and manufacturing trusted IT solutions that enable the secure transmission of sensitive data and protection from covert surveillance and eavesdropping threats,” said Mark Sawyer, Product Line Manager, SST. “This exciting agreement with pureLiFi extends our technology breadth to create next-generation TEMPEST and Secure products utilizing pureLiFi wireless communications solutions for our customers.”

“pureLiFi are world leaders in providing LiFi solutions that offer inherently secure, intrinsically safe mobile communications through light. API Technologies is a world class company and a natural fit for an innovative partnership. This agreement will allow us to deliver the highest quality of ground-breaking TEMPEST and Secure LiFi products to the market.” said pureLiFi’s Harald Buchardt, CCO, pureLiFi.

To learn more about API Technologies’ SST TEMPEST, rugged, military EMC, encryption and communications security equipment for military and government organizations throughout the world, visit www.sst.ws.

About API Technologies Corp.

API Technologies is an innovative designer and manufacturer of high performance systems, subsystems, modules, and components for technically demanding RF, microwave, millimeterwave, electromagnetic, power, and security applications. A high-reliability technology pioneer with over 70 years of heritage, API Technologies products are used by global defense, industrial, and commercial customers in the areas of commercial aerospace, wireless communications, medical, oil and gas, electronic warfare, unmanned systems, C4ISR, missile defense, harsh environments, satellites, and space. Learn more about API Technologies and our products at www.apitech.com.

About SST

SST is part of the Secure Systems and Information Assurance (SSIA) group of API Technologies, which provides security and information assurance products for government, defense, and commercial customers worldwide. Products from the SSIA group are marketed under the brand names SST™, EMCON™, and ION Networks™ brands. Learn more about our networking and security solutions at www.apitech.com/ssia.

About pureLiFi

pureLiFi seeks to resolve the global struggle for diminishing wireless capacity resulting in the Spectrum Crunch. We are developing and delivering technology for secure, reliable, high-speed communication networks that seamlessly integrate data and lighting utility infrastructures and significantly reduce energy consumption. Learn more at www.purelifi.com.

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