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New Centralized Vendor Control System for IT and Voice Administration Now Available

news release imageORLANDO, Fla., February 9, 2012 — API Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:ATNY) (“API” or the “Company”), a provider of electronic systems, subsystems, RF, and secure systems for defense, aerospace, and commercial applications, announced today the availability of its newest release of the ION™ PRIISMS Secure Administrative Gateway. PRIISMS (Proactive Remote Integrated Intelligent Secure Management Solution) is the central control system for managing ION Secure Appliances, which allow the enterprise to securely control vendor access to the network while increasing vendor accountability. 

“This new version of PRIISMS is a giant step in security architecture,” said Henry Gold, Business Area Manager, ION Networks® products, “It has greater stability, scalability and, most importantly, visibility into vendor activity. PRIISMS can now manage thousands of either vendor or customer connections with a single sign-on, point-and-click administrative interface.” 

ION PRIISMS is a central management system used to remotely access, manage, and monitor IT and voice equipment.  It is an ideal tool for service providers, equipment vendors, and enterprise organizations that must manage and centrally control technicians’ access to hundreds or thousands of devices around the world.

PRIISMS connects to an ION Secure Appliance using SSL VPN to provide secure connectivity, which eliminates manual connectivity and handles NATing with ease. The ION Secure Appliance is then connected to the protected devices allowing secure access to virtually any service delivery application. The solution provides multi-level permissions and auditing capabilities that capture session data down to the keystroke, which is required by many enterprise and government security policies. For more information about the ION PRIISMS Secure Administrative Gateway or any of the ION Secure Appliances, please visit www.apitech.com/ion.

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API Technologies designs, develops and manufactures electronic systems, subsystems, RF and secure solutions for technically demanding defense, aerospace and commercial applications. API Technologies' customers include many leading Fortune 500 companies. API Technologies trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol ATNY. For further information, please visit the Company website at www.apitech.com.