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APITech has been designing and manufacturing commercial aviation solutions for more than 70 years. Leveraging extensive knowledge of materials and packaging, APITech relies on a dedication to continuous improvement and innovation to produce lightweight, highly reliable and small footprint solutions to meet the most rigorous demands – from ultra high temperature to high vibration requirements.

APITech partners with its customers to produce packaging solutions for top performance aerospace electronics. APITech’s designs also eliminate unwanted power interference with application-specific EMI power filters. From a single power filter to a customized and fully integrated assembly, APITech has the expertise to craft optimal solutions for every design.

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Premium line custom, high-reliability, military connectors with a proven reputation for superior quality and performance.
Delivering a broad range of custom and off-the-shelf options to meet your design requirements.
APITech, a world class leader in amplifier technology, is your full service partner for high performance amplification requirements.
High Reliability Electronic Modules for Extreme Environments.
APITech IMAs and subsystems utilize advanced technologies to achieve narrow or wide bandwidths from DC to 50 GHz.
Exhibit low parasitic capacitance and superior EMI filtering capabilities.
Custom microelectronic solutions, hybrid assemblies, microcircuits and multi-chip modules designed and manufactured in one of APITech's MIL-PRF-38534 Class K certified facilities.
RF & Microwave components are easily integrated into existing systems or block diagrams.
Ideal to filter AC or DC power entering the system to prevent radiated or conducted EMI.