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Designing, developing and manufacturing high-reliability solutions for industrial markets requires a full understanding of each individual systems’ requirements. Whether providing high-temperature electronics for oil and gas drilling systems or RF interference solutions for process control instruments in today’s automated manufacturing environments. API Technologies partners with our customers to efficiently solve current problems and prevent future issues.

Complementing our comprehensive selection of power and electronics offerings with proven engineering services, API delivers performance-driven, innovative solutions for every industrial environment – from the most common to the harshest. 

API Technologies designs and manufactures microelectronics used in the arduous conditions of the oil and gas industry.
Powerfilm flange resistors are used in power generators, attenuators, or stripline and microstrip hybrids.
API offers a wide selection of Inmet Brand Powerfilm™ chip resistors. These surface-mount components are often used in hybrid attenuators and Wilkinson power dividers.