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Custom Magnetics - Medical

APITech will help by developing a custom solution using the preferred design criteria, from construction (raw materials, winding and finish) to electrical and mechanical characteristics to circuit function. We can offer extensive design and manufacturing capabilities, including more than two dozen magnetic core materials and winding wire from 6 to 45 gauge with many coating, leads and terminations.


  • Medical imaging
  • Portable dialysis
  • Anesthesia equipment
  • Patient care monitors
  • Surgical tools
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Portable ventilators
  • IV infusion pumps
  • External defibrillators

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Available totally encapsulated, with or without wound primary turns and loading resistor. Current range of 3.5 to 800 amps.
Rugged toroidal inductors designed to filter out noise currents from various electrical and electronic power control circuits.
Available in medium-current and high-current toroid type. Open winding, semi-encapsulated, and encapsulated construction.
Convert power-level voltages from one level or phase configuration. Lower mechanical leakage, lower electrical noise, and mechanical hum.
Transform line voltage to any other voltage. Value ranges from 3 to 100,000 volt-amps, economical "channel frame" construction.
Air Coil Inductors offer a critical benefit of having no magnetic core. Inductance is unaffected by the current it carries.