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Delay Lines - Medical

APITech's comprehensive line of high performance delay lines are offered in various topologies covering a wide range of specifications. With an extensive heritage in the design and manufacturing of delay lines, APITech can ensure both semi-standard or custom delay lines are configured to meet customer requirements. We are also able to provide matched delay for multiple units.

Available in many package sizes and interface options, APITech's delay lines are ideal for usage in signal processing circuits, radar systems, electronic warfare, and other applications that require channel equalization and calibration.

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APITech's Lumped Constant Delay Lines offer excellent frequency stability in semi-standard or custom designs to meet unique specifications.
APITech's high frequency Coaxial Delay Lines utilize semi-rigid cable, from small diameters, such as .041” up to diameters of .250”.
APITech's line of non-dispersive and dispersive SAW Delay Lines offer semi-standard or custom designs with various delay and bandwidth options.
APITech's complete line of low frequency Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) Delay Lines offer a wide range of semi-standard or custom delay solutions designed to meet unique specifications.