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RF Components & Microelectronics

APITech's portfolio of components and microelectronics are designed to meet the needs and high reliability requirements of the medical marketplace.

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High-reliability thick film hybrids and multi-chip modules (MCMs) are APITech's core competence. From complex hermetically-sealed multi-chip-modules.
APITech's comprehensive line of high performance delay lines are offered in various topologies covering a wide range of specifications.
APITech Engineers have the experience and expertise to offer the highest performance, lowest noise amplifiers the industry has to offer. We offer many non-standard package options and can customize our designs to meet your demanding requirements.
APITech offers a complete line of low cost surface mount synthesizers ideally suited for applications where a low cost, non-hermetic solution is desired.
Powerfilm flange resistors are used in power generators, attenuators, or stripline and microstrip hybrids.
APITech offers a wide selection of Inmet Brand Powerfilmâ„¢ chip resistors. These surface-mount components are often used in hybrid attenuators and Wilkinson power dividers.
APITech SAW filters, in frequencies from 20 MHz to 2600 MHz, offer exceptional low loss performance of less than 2 dB and Fractional Bandwidths from 0.04 to 60%.