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With a rich heritage reaching back more than 40 years, APITech has proven experience in deep space and scientific missions. The demands of operating in space bring many unique challenges and unforgiving reliability requirements. APITech’s extensive design portfolio and advanced manufacturing processes provide customers with reliable systems and components to ensure satellites, payloads and launch vehicles achieve mission success now, and for decades to come.

APITech’s Class H & K manufacturing facilities deliver space screened and qualified solutions designed to withstand the harsh environment of space. With expertise in assembly, integration, SWaP, and miniaturization, APITech designs and manufactures solutions that are optimal for space applications.

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APITech specializes in offering fully customized, high performance and high reliability silicon microwave diodes for space, satellite and mega constellation applications.
APITech can manufacture space products and solutions that satisfy the most stringent quality assurance requirements demanded by the worlds' tier-one space contractors.
APITech designs, manufactures and qualifies filter components and assemblies for use in space applications.
Custom and semi-custom components and modules utilizing hybrid thick and thin film, chip and wire, and SMT processes with leading edge semiconductor technologies.
Custom solutions with multiple technologies including Mixed Signal & Power, RF, Microwave & MMW, Optoelectronics, Thin Film & SAW Fab.
APITech's Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs) are rugged, high performance, customizable varactor diode based designs.
Components and Subsystems for MEGA Satellite Constellation & Satellite Networks
APITech has proven experience participating in numerous past and present space programs, including deep space and scientific missions and several satellite communications projects.
APITech high-speed electrical-to-optical and optical-to-electrical conversion solutions and optical/optoelectronic transmit and receive solutions
Weinschel has developed this program to meet or exceed many high reliability requirements imposed by both Government and commercial customers.