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Spectrum Control has built its reputation on designing and delivering the most challenging RF & Microwave filters in the industry and that is why so many RF engineers trust their filter needs to us.

We remain on the leading edge of microwave filter technology through innovative and out-of-the-box engineering, employing modern assembly and testing equipment, and by utilizing the most advanced microwave design software available on the market today. Whatever your filter need is, Spectrum Control continues to be your top and most trusted source.

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Spectrum Control's SAW filters, in frequencies from 20 MHz to 2600 MHz, offer exceptional low loss performance of less than 2 dB and Fractional Bandwidths from 0.04 to 60%.
Spectrum Control's High Power SAW Filters handle high-input power in the same package and footprint as typical SAW devices in the market. This new SAW filter technology uses an advanced manufacturing process that enables higher power, tighter bandwidths, and expanded package options.
Spectrum Control's Lumped Element Filters provide various filter functions in relatively small packages. They are ideal for rugged environments such as airborne military applications and space. Frequency DC to 20 GHz.
Spectrum Control's printed filters are offered in a rugged, low-profile package, with a frequency range of 2 to 40 GHz, and in Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Bandreject, and Multiplexer designs.
Spectrum Control's ceramic filters offer insertion loss that is less than an equivalent lumped element filter with a package size that is smaller than an equivalent cavity filter. Frequency range 400 MHz to 6 GHz.
Spectrum Control's cavity filters are ideal for narrow band applications which require low insertion loss and/or high power handling. Frequency range 200 MHz to 50 GHz.
Spectrum Control's Suspended Substrate designs are ideal for use in broadband multiplexers, as well as many standalone EW filtering applications. Frequency range 2 GHz to 40 GHz.
Spectrum Control's tubular filters have inherently high rejection levels and broad stopbands. They are ideal for high power applications such as reducing harmonics of amplifiers. Frequency range 30 MHz to 10 GHz.
Spectrum Control's designs and manufactures waveguide filters for applications requiring extremely low loss and/or high power handling. Frequency 2 GHz to 50 GHz.
Available topologies: Tubular, Lumped Element, Suspended Substrate
Available topologies: Tubular, Lumped Element, Cavity, Ceramic, Waveguide, Suspended Substrate, SAW
Available toplogies: Lumped Element, Cavity, Ceramic, Waveguide, Suspended Substrate
Available toplogies: Lumped Element, Cavity, Ceramic, Waveguide, Suspended Substrate
Available topologies: Lumped Element & Suspended Substrate
Spectrum Control designs, manufactures and qualifies filter components and assemblies for use in space applications.
State-of-the-art filter designs for basestations, wireless service providers, and other OEM’s applications.