High Frequency PCB Filters

High Frequency Suface Mount EMI filters

The economical high frequency PCB filter offer electrical characteristics allowing many devices to meet most government and industry specifications for EMI control, while also providing good electrostatic discharge protection.


  • Provides EMI filtering to protect low power digital circuits - helps equipment meet FCC and VDE specifications
  • Mounts directly to printed circuit board with no bracket or plate for lower applied costs - can also be flow soldered with other components
  • Encapsulated for environmental protection
  • Mounts on PCB to begin filtering at the source of the problem
  • Built-in standoffs enable cleaning or coating under the filter
  • Digital AV equipment
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Computer and peripheral equipment
  • Power amplifiers

High Frequency PCB Surface Mount EMI Filters

Current Max. 10A DC; 0.3A RF
Operating Voltage Max. 50 VDC, -25°C to 85°C
Capacitance 800 pF min.
Dissipation Factor 0.1 max
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 125 VDC for 5 seconds
Insulation Resistance Min. 100 MegOhms at 100 VDC for 2 minutes at 35°C
Direct Curent Resistance 0.002 Ohms max.
Minimum No-lead Insertion Loss Per MIL-STD-220 at 25°C; PCB mounted, 50 Ohm strip line
3dB at 8 MHz
10dB at 25 MHz 
15dB at 50 MHz 20dB at 100 MHz - 1GHz