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Planar Array Ceramic Capacitors

Inside every EMI filter is a ceramic feedthrough capacitor. Our line of ceramic capacitors is designed to provide solutions to a wide range of EMI filtering applications. Our ceramic capacitors are ideal for EMI/RFI suppression filters, medical implantable devices, commercial and military applications, power supplies, and converters. APITech's ceramic capacitors are designed and produced in the USA.

Learn how APITech's high-reliability Circular EMI Filter Connectors and EMI Filter D-Sub Connectors incorporate planar array ceramic capacitors for high-performance filtering requirements.

Check out APITech's full line of EMI Filters and Connectors!

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Switch-mode power supply multi-layer ceramic capacitors are ideal for DC-DC applications. Capacitor assemblies with low ESR/ESL.
Fast assembly time, have a low profile and are capable of meeting various geometric and electrical configurations.
These capacitors are low profile and have a rugged design offering an excellent alternative to ceramic tube designs.
These capacitors are small, lightweight, have high dielectric strength, and are impervious to moisture and contamination.
Learn more about the ceramics products being manufactured in State College, PA USA.