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Coaxial Filters & Interconnects

API’s focus on miniaturization and achieving high packing density in circuit design has allowed us to meet the needs of our customers where component size is a premium and the highest level of integration are desired.

Solder-in, knurled press-in, and 2-56 threaded spanner filters available with capacitance values up to 30,000 pF.
Our hermetically sealed filters feature hermetic glass seals making them highly reliable in the toughest environmental conditions.
API Technologies' family of surface mount EMI filters are designed to provide a range of high performance options with minimal PCB footprint.
Full ground plate and metallic shell provide minimal impedance and superior performance.
API's EMI Filter Plates Provide an EMI filtered signal line between electronic system modules. Every plate is 100% tested for key parameters.
API Technologies' value-added low pass filters provide flexible solutions to meet your unique design challenges.