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D-Sub Filtered Connectors

Full ground plate and metallic shells provide minimal impedance and superior performance.

  • Ground planes shield the box even at the connector port
  • Filters located in the connectors to provide additional space on PCB board
  • Capacitance values from 85 pF to 4,000 pF
  • Insertion loss range 1 MHz to 18 GHz and beyond
Ferrite filtered d-sub connectors incorporate a solid slab of ferrite material as the filtering element.
Low profile d-sub connectors are cost-effective, highly reliable EMI filtered d-sub connectors.
The trend to miniaturize electronic systems and sub-systems are forcing designers to increase circuit densities within smaller packages.
Filtered connectors offering the highest performance filtering for all types of high-reliability applications.
API Technologies' line of filtered combo d-sub connectors provides high insertion loss with tubular or chip capacitor filtering.
For designs that require even smaller connector packages, API Technologies has designed a line of filtered micro d-sub connectors.