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Resin Sealed Bolt-In EMI Filters

Low Pass Filters

These filters are easily mounted in a tapped hole or through-hole with supplied nut and lock-washer. The rugged case with resin seals at both ends provides excellent environmental protection. Primarily used in filtering signal and data lines and DC power lines.

  • Wide range of sizes: 4-40 thread through 5/16-24 thread
  • Voltage ratings to 500 VDC/220 VAC (400 Hz)
  • MIL-F-15733 QPL filters available
  • Multiple circuit configurations: C, L, and Pi
  • Metric threaded filters available
  • Power supplies
  • Signal lines
  • Rocket igniters
  • Aerospace
  • DC motors
  • Telecom & military secure communications
  • Medical equipment
  • Mining and oil drilling
  • Transceivers
  • Microwave filters
  • Industrial control systems
  • Multi-circuit filter assemblies