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EMI Filter D-Sub Connectors

APITech offers a wide range of EMI filter d-sub connector options that will improve performance, save board space, and reduce costs by managing EMI at the signal and power I/O. Our full ground plate and metallic shells maintain minimal impedance with superior performance. EMI filters are in the connector to provide additional space on the PCB board. These connectors offer capacitance values from 85 pF to 4,000 pF, with an insertion loss range of 1 MHz to 18 GHz and beyond.

APITech also offers a wide range of Circular EMI Filter Connectors that are an effective EMI filter device reducing the amount of real estate required within a product enclosure.

Check out APITech's full line of EMI Filters and Connectors!

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EMI filtering capable of 70 dB from 1GHz to 6GHz in a D-sub connector adapter form-factor.
EMI Filter D-sub connector offering the highest performance EMI filtering for all types of high-reliability applications.
For designs that require even smaller connector packages, APITech has designed a line of Micro EMI filter D-sub connectors.
Combo D-sub EMI filter connectors provide high insertion loss with tubular or chip capacitor EMI filtering available in male and female versions.
Ferrite EMI filter D-sub connectors incorporate a solid slab of ferrite material as the filtering element.
Line of EMI filter connectors to address the miniaturization of electronic systems and sub-systems and increase in circuit densities within smaller packages.
Low Profile EMI filter D-sub connectors are cost-effective, highly reliable EMI filtered d-sub connectors.