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Solder-In, Press-In, and Spanner Low Pass EMI Filters

  • Low cost solution providing effective interference protection in a variety of environments
  • Wide range of package sizes, mounting options, and circuit configurations offering maximum design flexibility
  • High reliability construction - built in accordance to Mil-PRF-15733 or Mil-PRF-28861
  • Effective filtering up to 18 GHz
  • Numerous options of reliability testing available for customer specific requirements
  • Ideal for use in medical instrumentation, communications and industrial equipment, transportation applications, commercial and military aerospace, and all venues of homeland security
Spec Mini-Press EMI Filters are knurled and designed to be pressed into place, create a reliable mechanical bond.
Solder-In EMI filters are ideal for use in critical areas where space does not allow the use of mounting tools or hardware.
Large Diameter Solder-In High-Temperature Filters can withstand 300°C installation temperatures.
Miniature Solder-In EMI Filters are hermetically sealed on one end for through-hole sealing between compartments.
Mini-Spanner EMI Filters are designed without hex and do not require soldering for installation.