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Bulkhead Mount EMI Filter

APITech's glass seal and resin seal EMI filters are highly reliable in the toughest environmental conditions. Numerous options of reliability EMC testing are available for customer-specific requirements. EMI filters are designed for use in power supplies, signal lines, rocket ignition systems, aerospace applications, DC motors, telecom, military, and secure communications, medical equipment, mining and oil drilling, transceivers, microwave filters, industrial control systems, and multi-circuit filter assemblies. These filters are built in accordance with MIL-PRF-28861MIL-PRF-15733, and DSCC 84084 standards and custom-designed EMI filters are available.

APITech's USA manufactured ceramic capacitors are used in this type of EMI filter. Visit Discoidal Ceramic Capacitors and Tubular Ceramic Capacitors pages to learn more.

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EMI filters featuring hermetic glass seals and high EMI filtering performance are excellent for critical, harsh environment applications.
Rugged case EMI filter with resin seals provides excellent environmental protection in the harshest environments.
This series of EMI filters ensures maximum reliability and feature Pi filters with a transient suppressor at the filter's input.
High temperature, bolt-in style, feedthrough EMI filters are capable of continuous operation at 175°C and are available in multiple capacitances.
Resin-sealed, rugged bolt-in style EMI filter easily installed and offered in many styles with current ratings of up to 100 amps.