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DIN Rail Mounted Filters

Power Filters

DIN Rail Mounted EMI Power Filters make for easy connections, installations, and replacements. They provide excellent filtering characteristics that will combat both differential and common mode noise in EMC.

  • Low leakage current versions available
  • Chassis or DIN rail mount
  • High pulse or noise attenuation versions available
  • Easy connection and installation
  • RoHS compliant
  • Safety agency approved
  • Epoxy molded for reliability
  • Medical: x-ray machine, bone mineral densitometer
  • Small electronic devices: printer, refrigerator, universal power supply, textile machinery, treadmill, electrical boiler
  • Control panel for electrical installation
  • Measuring and testing instruments
Operation Temperature Range -25 to +85°C including temperature Range
Storage Temperature Range -25 to +60°C
Insulation Resistance 300MΩ minimum at 500 VDC between line and ground
Model Voltage Rated Current
Leakage Max
Volt. Drop
Temp Rise
L1+50 -30% CX1,2 20% CY1,2 [pF] 20% R1 10% [1/2W]
62-STB-06-5-14D 250 6A 0.5mA 1.0V 45°C 14.0mH 0.47µF 3300pF 1.0MΩ
62-STB-10-4-14D 250 10A 0.1mA 1.0V 45°C 5.7mH 0.47µF 470pF 1.0MΩ
62-STB-10-5-14D 250 10A 0.5mA 1.0V 45°C 5.7mH 0.47µF 3300pF 1.0MΩ
62-STB-16-5-14D 250 16A 0.5mA 1.0V 45°C 2.2mH 0.47µF 3300pF 1.0MΩ
62-STB-20-5-14D 250 20A 0.5mA 1.0V 45°C 1.4mH 0.47µF 3300pF 1.0MΩ
62-STB-30-5-14D 250 30A 0.5mA 1.0V 45°C 0.5mH 0.47µF 3300pF 1.0MΩ
*Also offered without din rail mount. Remove "D" from part number when ordering.