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Low Leakage Medical EMI Filters

APITech has a rich heritage in providing a vast portfolio of standard, configurable, and custom application-specific solutions for the medical marketplace. Our focus is on miniaturization and achieving higher packaging density in circuit design, where component size is a premium and the highest levels of integration are required. Besides standard, off-the-shelf designs and part numbers, APITech can provide custom sized options to fit unique package specifications.

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Chassis or DIN rail mount single phase EMI filters make for easy connections, installations, and replacements.
EMI filter deal for medical applications. The 12-PML/PMF series of power line EMI filters has low leakage current and a compact design.
Custom medical EMI filters will accommodate non-magnetic, low leakage requirements ideal for medical equipment.
Easy connections for easy installation makes these filters ideal for equipment requiring high noise attenuation and low leakage current.