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Miniature PCB EMI Filters

These miniature PCB surface mount power filters have compact designs ideal for products with limited board space. These low-cost EMI filters are designed for two-wire cord systems. For three-wire cord systems, Y capacitors can be attached externally. Available in both metal and plastic cases and most available lead-free/RoHS compliant. 

APITech also offers a line of Surface Mount EMI Filters designed to provide a range of high-performance EMI filtering options with a minimal PCB footprint.

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61-MPC series have a rugged construction design that enables parts to perform in industrial environments.
11-MPC miniature PCB power filters are also available in bolt-in, fast-on tab, or solder lug styles. Available in both metal and plastic cases.
The MPC-010 and -015 series integrate a feedthrough capacitor, multi-layer ceramic capacitor and ferrite bead inductors.
MSP series filters offer compact EMI packaging with plus and minus lines. These filters have high insertion loss in a wide frequency band.