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Miniature PCB Power Filters

11-MPC Series

Power filters are available in PCB mount, bolt-in, fast-on tab or solder lug. The 11-MPC series is ideally suited for products that have been limited board space and require a low cost alternative. Available in both metal and plastic cases.

  • Personal computers and peripherals
  • Digital AV equipment
  • Measuring instruments
  • Medical equipment
  • Available lead free/RoHs Compliant

11-MPC Series

Part number Rated Voltage (@ 50/60Hz) Rated Current Leakage Current (Max.) Inductance (L1) Temperature Rise (Max.)
11-MPC-001-5-A 120/250VAC 1A 0.50mA - 30°C
11-MPC-003-5-E 120/250VAC 3A 0.50mA - 30°C
11-MPC-006-5-B 120/250VAC 6A 0.50mA - 30°C
11-MPC-006-5-C 120/250VAC 6A 0.50mA - 30°C
11-MPC-016-5-B 120/250VAC 16A 0.2mA - 30°C