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Miniature PCB Power Filters

MPC-010/-015 Series

The compact design of the MPC-010 and -015 series power filters integrates a feedthrough capacitor, multilayer ceramic capacitor and ferrite bead inductors. This series is ideally suited for dense PCBs and where both positive and negative lines require reduced EMI in one housing.

  • DC power lines on industrial equipment
  • Measuring instruments
  • Home appliances and vacuum cleaners
  • Monitor and display units
  • Switching power supplies
  • Available lead free/RoHS Compliant

MPC-010/-015 Series

Part number Rated Voltage Rated Current Leakage Current (Max.) Inductance (L1) Temperature Rise (Max.)
MPC-010-050 50VDC 10A - - -
MPC-010-250 250VDC 10A - - -
MPC-015-050 50VDC 15A - - -