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Four-Line Power System

13-PWB Series

Designed for three-phase, four-line power systems, these high-performance power line filters provide excellent attenuation for high voltage impulse and have current ratings from 5 to 150 amps available. Its metal case provides effective EMI shielding and they are epoxy molded for internal component reliability. 

These EMI filters have excellent filtering characteristics for both normal and common mode.

  • Excellent attenuation for high voltage impulse
  • The metal case provides effective EMI shielding
  • Epoxy molded for internal component reliability
  • Excellent filtering characteristics for both normal and common mode
  • Various current ratings available: from 5 to 150 amps
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Designed for 3-phase, 4-line power systems
  • Power supplies for data systems
  • Industrial equipment (UPS, inverters, and converters)
  • Automation equipment
  • Telecommunications systems and equipment

High Performance - 13-PWB Series

Part number Rated Voltage (@ 50/60Hz) Rated Current Leakage Current (Max.) Temperature Rise (Max.)
13-PWB-005-12-A 480/277VAC 5A 4.5mA 30°C
13-PWB-010-12-B 480/277VAC 10A 4.5mA 30°C
13-PWB-020-12-B 480/277VAC 20A 4.5mA 30°C
13-PWB-035-12-C 480/277VAC 35A 4.5mA 30°C
13-PWB-050-13-C 480/277VAC 50A 9.0mA 30°C
13-PWB-080-14-D 480/277VAC 80A 20mA 30°C
13-PWB-100-14-D 480/277VAC 100A 20mA 30°C
13-PWB-150-14-E 480/277VAC 150A 20mA 30°C