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Three-Phase Power Line Filters

Three-phase power line filters provide excellent attenuation for high voltage impulses. Metal casing provides effective EMI shielding and internal components are epoxy molded for reliability.

62-PMB/63-PMF series are low current, high-performance three-phase power line filters, excellent attenuation for high voltage inputs.
13-PWF/PWL/PWB series are suitable for Wye and Delta connections and are excellent for both normal and common mode applications.
13-PDF/PDL/PDB series are designed for three-phase, three-delta connection systems, effective for balanced and unbalanced three-phase loads.
13-PWB series filters are built for four-line power systems and provide excellent attenuation for high voltage impulse.
13-PDB series filters are designed for three-line connection systems and are available in various current ratings from 5 to 200 amps.