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Filter Plates & Arrays

APITech Filter arrays and plates provide an electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtered signal line between electronic system modules. This reduces cost, providing an economical method to meet electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements. Benefits include reducing labor, eliminating the need to assemble filters into a bulkhead; outperforming surface mount EMI filters at frequencies above 50 MHz and reducing the risk of damage to filter elements due to thermal shock and installation.  Their size maximizes real estate on a printed circuit board (PCB) and is capable of mixed schematics in a single filter plate package. APITech filters also improve reliability; every filter plate is 100% tested for defined key parameters

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The Bolt-in style latch plate provides an excellent method for electronic system interface and EMI filtering.
APITech developed an EMI/RFI filter plate, Easy Mate, which simplifies installation and eliminates the need for mounting hardware.
APITech has expanded its popular Easy Mate family by adding two more package sizes.
Designed to provide EMI/RFI filtering of AC and DC power lines and control lines.
APITech will custom design a filter plate or terminal block that meets your size, material, and filtering requirements.